Forbidden Chapter 4

by Andi Lutz
Chapter 4

Dean was gone, from my mind, or so I thought. It had been a few weeks since I last saw him though for some reason he was there while I was driving to work and wouldn’t go away. I knew I’d probably never have any contact with him again but couldn’t help myself from daydreaming.

Staring out at the road ahead, my house starts to materialize in front of me and Dean walks up to the front door and rings the bell. He is there to see my dad about business, he isn’t home, of course Dean knows this. It is all part of his plan. When I tell him he’s not home he says he’ll just wait inside. He heads inside with me, then grabs me, and gently pushes me up against the wall. I feel the weight of his body pressed against me, warm and firm. His familiar scent coming back to me. I inhale, trying to get more of it into my body. The heightened sensations and the anticipation of what is coming next turns up the volume on our rapid breathing and pounding hearts.

Great, I think as I get jerked out of my fantasy, I missed my exit. I’ll have to dream about Dean when I can give him my full attention.

When I finally get to work I find out I have to wait tables instead of hostess because they are shorthanded. I’ve never waitressed before, this is going be interesting. At least we won’t be too busy because it’s a weeknight.

About 2 hours into my shift, just as I start to feel a little more comfortable, I see him. Him, who had his body pressed against me in my daydreams a few hours before. He’s talking to the manager. I flush and turn away before he sees me. What is he doing here, why is he here, did he come just to see me like he said at dinner that night we met?

I rush to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Why hadn’t I done something with myself tonight? Spent more time on my hair, apply more makeup, iron my shirt. What if I actually died tonight and this is what I would look like? Or, the man of my dreams shows up and I look like I just rolled out of bed. I rub a little here, smooth a little there. I pinch my cheeks but that just made a pink spot where I pinched. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do now. I stand up straight, take one last look, and walk out of the bathroom.

There he is sitting at my table, I have to get through this one way or another. I could imagine his body on mine but for some reason real life seems incomprehensible. I look around and realized he is my only table. The two others tables I was taking care of already paid the check and left while I was eyeing myself in the mirror.

I start heading toward the table, notice my manager coming my direction and turn toward him. “Sam’s here now, you won’t need to waitress anymore after this table,” he nods his head in Dean’s direction. “After you’re done with him you can head home, we aren’t busy tonight and I’m sure you're exhausted from the change of pace. You did good tonight kid,” patting me on the back as he walks away.

Ok, deep breath, turn around, and smile, I can get through this. I turn around and he is gone.

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