When to tell everyone you’re growing a baby

When to tell everyone you’re growing a baby
by Andi Lutz

We decided to tell our family we were finally having a baby about two months in. We couldn't hold it in anymore, we were so filled with excitement. About that time is when the nausea kicked in so I didn't feel too great and all I wanted to do was lay in bed all the time, I was so
tired, and felt like I was getting a cold almost everyday.

Right before we told everyone my parents surprised my entire family, my three sisters, their husbands, and all their kids with a cruise. And so, when our surprise came next the family soon found out that we ruined their free trip because our precious miracle was due around the time we would all be sailing the ocean blue.

The cruise was canceled and there was talk whether we could take the baby on the ship after it was born. Or could our parents pay the doctor’s way on the cruise and I could just deliver the baby while we were drifting about at sea? With our surprise sunk I realized timing really is everything.

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