Two Peas

Serial Fiction

What is a serial fiction?

In literature, a serial is a printed format by which a single larger work, often a work of narrative fiction, is published in sequential installments.

Each chapter will be posted as it is written.

Two Peas
by Andi Lutz


Daisy and Brooks are a newly engaged couple in a small town where everyone knows each other and each other’s business. If you’ve never lived in a small town then you wouldn’t know that everyone has their place in the community and small town jobs are hard to come by. If you’ve got your eye on a job you like you have to wait for the person currently employed to either die or retire. So, Daisy and Brooks decided to make their own job, they run their own business, it's called ‘We Do Everything’. And they mean it, from making weddings cakes, planning your kid’s birthday party, to picking up your dry cleaning, and painting your house. In a small town you don’t have all those experts to do all those things but, you do have Daisy and Brooks. They are honest and will do whatever you need to exact perfection and if they can’t then they will find someone for you who can. They make everyone’s lives easier in town. They know everyone and everyone knows them, so the business has been working out well and they have been very busy.

But it's hard to run a business with a person you're engaged to and also have known your whole life. Daisy and Brooks go through the normal things that all newly and longtime married couples do. They are around each other all the time, working and living and spending every free second together.

When Daisy’s friends decide to go on a girls trip Brooks pushes her to go and tells her to have a great time. Once on the trip Daisy starts to find herself and wonders whether marriage and spending all her time with her fiancé and future husband is what she wants. What would her life would be like if she moved away and married someone else not from the town she grew up in?

Eventually her goals and views start to change. She wonders why it all changed and goes through a lot of soul searching trying to find the answers.

Will she find her way back or will she create another path for herself?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


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