Cloth Diapering, the unconvincing convince

Cloth Diapering, the unconvincing convince
by Andi Lutz

When I decided I wanted to do cloth diapers I pretty much knew it would never happen because my husband is very stubborn and would never agree to it. Since he has to live in the house with me and the baby then I have to take his wishes in to account also. It was a big fat no, I didn’t even bother to discuss it with him. I know him all too well, he complains almost every day that he has to clean the litterbox now that I’m pregnant. And he checks with me all the time to make sure I am taking that duty over once our little angel is born. On the other hand, we do have 4 big dogs and 3 cats that are all indoor animals so there is always something coming out of one end or the other of these 7, adding another pooper doesn’t change things much. But I guess the poo jobs are all mine, is man just weaker when it comes to that?

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