How to overcome your Writing Excuses

In an effort to make myself write more I listed my writing excuses and then tried to debunk them.
I have this list posted everywhere and I think it has helped.
If you are having trouble being consistent with your writing maybe you should make your own list.


Why don’t I write every day,
what is holding me back from this dream
that I have and that I think about everyday
but I don’t actually commit myself to doing?

Fear of doing it wrong
So what if I do it wrong, I need to do it in order to learn how to do it right.

Fear of doing it and having to redo it
If I do it that’s something to be proud of because, even if it is wrong, I still have accomplished writing a novel. And if it’s wrong I will want to redo it and make it right and publish something good and then be proud of that.
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