That very moment when baby makes 3

That very moment when baby makes 3
by Andi Lutz

When I realized I was pregnant I was very surprised, extremely happy, and couldn't stop laughing. That morning I kept getting this voice repeating itself in my head to take a test. I kept telling the voice no, it can't be true. For the past three years I had taken a test any time I had a thought of a baby, wishful thinking overtook everything. But this voice was different, it came out of no where,
I wasn't thinking baby thoughts. So, I said ok, and took the test.

There was one line as normal and a very faint second line! I'd never seen that before, I couldn't keep my thoughts inside my head. I started talking out loud, laughing, and jumping up and down. I'm pregnant, I can't believe it, is it true, I need to take another test. I need to tell Kurt, right now!

He was outside cutting the grass, it was October and probably the last day of the year to have to mow. I wanted to run out and shout over the noise of the loud mower that our lives had suddenly changed. But I thought about it and that wasn't a very memorable way to tell my husband that it was the most important day of our lives.

While I got changed and ready I constructed a plan. I called Kurt, sounding frantic, and told him he needs to come in here quick, there’s something in the house, (a mouse, a snake, use your imagination) and hung up so he wouldn't hear me giggling.

When he came in the house I was balanced on the kitchen countertop with my hand over my mouth to hide my smile, pointing I said, it's over there. My finger in the direction of a cat bed on the floor that was turned upside down with the test hidden under it. And of course the cat was playing it's part well because it was trying to see what ‘creature’ was under there. Kurt flipped it over cautiously and didn't register what he was seeing. He picked up the test and I had to tell him what it meant because the second line was barely visible.

I think we were both in shock for a long while because we had given up hope that we would ever have a precious little life to love forever. But on that day we had finally got what we were wishing for. The happiest day of our lives, the day we found out we would be a family of three.

& Baby Makes 3
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