The hardest thing about being pregnant

The hardest thing about being pregnant
by Andi Lutz

I think the hardest thing about being pregnant for me is constantly worrying about every little thing that’s going on with that life inside me.

Is she growing like she’s supposed to?

If I eat this will it cause her to have an allergy to it?

If I bend over too much am I squashing her?

Is the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck?

How does the doctor know that the umbilical cord is not wrapped around her neck now?

Is she moving enough?

Am I moving enough?

Is that pain that I’m having normal?

And a million other things go through my mind everyday. All I think about is the baby, all I stress about is the baby, all I smile about is the baby. The baby is the only thing in my life right now, nothing else exists.

Chances are that if I am worrying she is feeling the effects of that so I try not to do that and that is easier said than done. I want to do everything right even from before she is born. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, sorry Dear Husband. But I think he would agree, she is the best thing that has ever happened to US.

Pregnancy isn’t hard at all for me, I love it, I wish I started having babies years ago. But the only thing that is hard is myself getting in the way. I just keep repeating that women have been having babies for a long time and this whole process has been perfected. So trust in it and know that everything is going to work out and in the end nothing else matters but that little smiling face.

& Baby Makes 3
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