To know the gender or not

To know the gender or not
by Andi Lutz

I wanted to find out the gender of our baby because I just couldn’t wait. I waited a long time to do this and I didn’t want to wait another 9 months to see what kind of parts my little angel will have. I’m old according to the medical profession, 36 and I only have a few good years left to grow a baby.

There is a lot of fun in knowing the gender before the baby is born. Seeing all the cute girl clothes, letting everyone enjoy buying those clothes. Imagining what she will look like, will she have our blue eyes, will she have my brown hair or Kurt’s blonde, curly hair. Will she be stubborn like the both of us?

Without knowing the gender, you get a lot of green and yellow clothes and no one likes to buy those. It’s hard to imagine what a baby will look like when you don’t know if they are a boy or girl, even though they all pretty much look gender neutral when they come out.

Another thing I didn’t like was calling her it or baby. I wanted a name, I wanted to be able to talk about her to my husband like we knew her. And I feel like we do, I feel like her name fits her even though I haven’t held her in my arms yet or seen what she looks like. There were other names that we liked but they just didn’t fit. We are keeping her name a secret until one of us slips up and tells someone, then I can’t wait to tell everyone.

But for now I am happy to be able to call her ‘her’ to anyone who wants to talk about her. And maybe baby number two will be a surprise just so we can experience both knowing the gender and not knowing the gender.

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