The Pregnant Lady Look

& Baby Makes 3
The Pregnant Lady Look
by Andi Lutz

My belly was round and full, I couldn’t hide it anymore. I was self-conscious, and I didn’t like the attention on me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved being pregnant. I’ve never been happier and felt better. But I stuck out and I don’t like to stick out. I just want to blend in with the crowd and not have anyone notice me.

Before I was expecting my husband would always point out pregnant women to me, the same way he points out dogs. My response was always, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s a pregnant lady.’ I never felt anything for them, dogs or pregnant women, they were just there.

While I was pregnant one woman after another would look at me and smile with adoring eyes. At first it made me uncomfortable but then I started to feel the warmth and happiness they were sending me. We had a connection, something I never knew about before I was with child. I had officially joined the club, felt the miracle inside of me. I knew more than I did just a few months ago, more than the unconceived.

Now that I’m not pregnant and the baby is on the outside I know what that look truly means. I give it to pregnant women now. That look is remembering that magical time, before the baby comes, the kicks, the daydreams of new life, the name picking, the anxious excitement, the months before the sleepless nights, the imagining the face of a child you’ve always wanted. I’m so glad I’m able to give that look and be a part of the knowing, something that some may never experience. I am very lucky. I am a Mommy.

& Baby Makes 3

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