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My name is Andi, I live in Kansas with my husband and daughter. We also have a zoo of four dogs and four cats. When they aren't keeping me busy I write because I love it. I am motivated to keep writing because of the support of others. So, I thank you for looking at my website and I hope you enjoy it.

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Two Peas – Daisy and Brooks are a newly engaged couple who grew up together in a small town. They also run a successful and stressful business together. When Daisy has to plan a wedding that the whole town wants to attend and make sure the business is running smoothly she starts to feel like she’s being pulled in too many directions, wondering whether she made the right life choices and if, long ago, she should have left the town she’s always loved. She starts to think that there’s something better out there. What happens if she goes after it?

Forbidden – What does age have to do with love? A lot, when it is forbidden. In this sweet and innocent romance, a young girl falls in love with an older man and the struggle of whether and why they should be together begins. If their love is true it will last a lifetime but only if it can withstand everything and everyone trying to pull them apart. This 5-part series explores their love throughout their lifetime.

Please Invade My Privacy – Anti-social, shy, quiet, introverted, these are all words I would use to describe myself. But I’m more than just that, I want to break out of my shell and be able to show everyone my true self. This series tells about the ridiculously comical adventures I have when forcing myself to be more social and comfortable while interacting with the public.

& Baby Makes 3 – An honest and sometimes funny, sometimes emotional account of what my experience is like with a child. From pregnancy to birth and beyond.

In My Head – There’s a lot going on inside my noggin and I need to get some of it out of my head and off my chest. A weekly account of my thoughts and feelings. No political rants here!

On Writing – Are you a writer? You might find this section interesting if you are looking for tips and advice, writing prompts, motivation, or want to read about my writing journey. Write on!

Short Stories –A short tale of any genre to enjoy every week, 500-2000 words.

Poems – They don’t have to rhyme, but they just might. They may make you giggle, shed a tear, or want to start a fight. Poetry is art, and art is an expression.


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