I love the library but it gives me anxiety

I love the library but it gives me anxiety
by Andi Lutz

I would say my favorite place is probably the library. Books give me great joy, just being around them feels good. I could sit in the library pulling books off the shelf and thumbing through them all day. Oh, this book looks
interesting, and so does this one, and this one, and this one.

By the time I leave I have a stack of books in hand and lots of anxiety. Now, why would my favorite place give me such anxiety? Maybe it's because I realized there is a world full of literature, not just the library, that I will never get to read. All those sentences that I will never know anything about. There could be some life changing, mind rocking tale I will never crack the spine of.

And I just walked out with my leaning tower of reading material and before they come due I will probably only get through half of one of them. Too many books, not enough time. But oh, how I love the library!

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