Why I won't lower my standards

Why I won't lower my standards

by Andi Lutz

I think I am pickier than most people.

What I don't like:

A waiter that only refills my drink when I ask
-if my drink is empty you should whisk my glass away to Soda Pop Land and grant it's wish to at
least be half full.

Getting cold food
-hot food should be so hot and steamy for when I take a bite and burn my tongue off I can sue the restaurant.

Getting cold food and when I tell the waiter he just stairs at me
-wow, Mr. Waiter, you must really want that tip because you are doing a great job at pretending like everything is dandy. Go get the manager, please.

So, I've been told I'm picky and I think it's because low standards are the new regular standards.
And since I have high standards, which should be the regular, then I am considered picky.

If that just confused you you probably have low standards.

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