Fancy Drink, Fancy Drink

Fancy Drink, Fancy Drink
by Andi Lutz

This morning I decided to go through the Starbucks' drive-thru, but only if there was no one in line. Surprisingly enough, there was no one there. But, while I sat at the light for 3 minutes, then went through the maze of two round abouts in order to get less than a quarter mile, they were busy again. The only reason I decided to go was because I have 17 cents on a gift card that I've had for over a year and I had extra time before I was late for work. I order my cheap and plain coffee, small decaf, one cream, 3 sugars. I refuse to say tall because it is not tall and of course the price went up since I was there last. So I dig out the right amount of change, paying in all change, and 17 cents on the gift card. When I pulled up the man says, the lady in front of you paid for yours. I've always heard of this happening but it's never happened to me. I thought that was nice, but I'm not paying for the person behind me which has probably never had just coffee at Starbucks, and is probably over $5 and mine was under $2.

Then he says we can do a special blend for you, it's called "fancy drink, fancy drink," (I don't remember what it was called) and it has two shots of espresso in it. I was still a little confused and just said ok. After their required five minutes of making a fancy drink he finally hands it to me and says taste it to make sure you like it. Great, thanks, I always love drinking steaming, hot fancy drinks as soon as they are handed to me. Good, tastes good, thanks. Now I'm late for work. And while I'm driving off, still confused about what just happened and why I couldn't have what I ordered just because someone else paid for it, I wonder, what's the point of getting decaf when it has two shots of espresso in it?

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