What is it?

Olive Garden Pasta Pass
What is it?

What if you could join an exclusive group of people who get pasta for a year, every day, for lunch and dinner and in between? And salad or soup and breadsticks. You'd never have to make dinner again, well, at least for a year. The excitement of learning that we did actually get the privilege of the coveted Pasta Passes was beyond what I could ever imagine. I danced around with my two-year-old daughter singing ‘marinara, rigatoni, spaghetti, meatballs!’ in an Italian accent. If you love pasta and Olive Garden as much as I do you would understand. My husband asked what we were so excited about and I said it was the best day of our lives, he looked at me questioningly. I told him no more burnt meals, I’m not cooking for a whole year, then he agreed and started dancing with us, it truly was the best day of our lives. A Pasta Pass is something to dance about.

An Annual Pasta Pass insures a years’ worth of Olive Garden pasta anytime you please. Yes, you read that right, a years’ worth of pasta, anytime you want (while they are open) and as much as you want. We can stuff ourselves with pasta for a year. We can go there for lunch and dinner and a snack. We can park an RV in their parking lot to make sure we're there when they unlock their doors and stay until close. We can eat and sleep Olive Garden, and oh yes, we will do that.

Then it set in, can we eat all that pasta in one year? Yes, we can, and we will! There are so many different combinations to choose from between the pasta, sauces, and toppings. We can have something new every time we go. We just can’t wait for the day our Pasta Passes come. We'll be camped out in the driveway waiting for our Pasta Pass delivery. We will have a parade. This will be a joyous occasion for one and all, but mostly just us. Will Olive Garden go out of business now that they sold us the Pasta Passes? Probably not unless all the lucky few with Pasta Passes park their RV’s outside Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Pasta Pass
What is it?
Waiting, and waiting, it’s finally here!
The Missing Pass
Bathtub of Soup
It's My Birthday

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