Waiting, and waiting, it’s finally here!

Olive Garden Pasta Pass
Waiting, and waiting, it’s finally here!

I thought the day I found out we would be getting a Pasta Pass from Olive Garden was one of the best days of my life. Now I know, the day I actually got the Pasta Passes in my hand was.

I got the email telling me I had a delivery coming in a few days. I dismissed it because I thought it was another book. I do love books and get them frequently in the mail. But then Olive Garden sent me an email saying the Pasta Passes were coming. What! So soon? Yes! I counted down the days, hours, and soon just sat by the window, eating my store-bought chocolate mints that just don’t taste the same as Olive Garden’s sweet after dinner treats, waiting for the delivery like a child trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. Then the delivery truck pulls up. I run out to meet the driver and can’t help but hug him. Once I let him go from my tight squeeze he steps back and looks at me startled, “Do I know you?"

“No, but I know what you have for me.” I grab the package from him without realizing I just became the greedy, spoiled kid that should be put on the naughty list. And I start to rip it open.

“Ok, can you sign here?” he asks, interrupting my Christmas morning.

“Yeah,” I scribble something on his electric thingy and he just stands there and watches me.

“What is it?’”

“It’s the best thing ever invented!” I look at him and wonder if he knows. Does he even know that something so wonderful exists? “It’s Pasta, every day, all day, for a year. And it’s all mine!”

I pull out the cards and show them to him. I explain the membership to Olive Garden that gives us rights that pasta loving people only dream of. He looks at me enviously.

“I love that place, the lasagna, the unlimited breadsticks, and salad! I need to get me one of those.” Doesn’t everyone my friend, doesn’t everyone, I think and smile knowing I am one of the elite.

Olive Garden Pasta Pass
What is it?
Waiting, and waiting, it’s finally here!
The Missing Pass
Bathtub of Soup
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